Amplitude analysis of Bs → KSKpi decays

Workshop on multibody charmless B-hadron decays, Paris, France 6-8 June 2018

Charmless multi-body b decays at LHCb

International Conference on B-Physics at Frontier Machines, BEAUTY, Elba, Italy 6-11 May 2018 [Link]

Limiting factors for tests of LFU in neutral-current semi-leptonic decays

Reconstructing final states with electrons at LHCb and interplay with QED corrections

Non-leptonic three body decays at LHCb

Pion-Kaon Interactions Workshop, Newport News, US 14-15 February 2018 [Link]

Disentangling charmonia in the threshold region

Joint-BESIII-LHCb-Workshop, Beijing, China, 8-9 February 2018 [Link]

Heavy flavour physics at LHCb



CP violation in b-baryons at LHCb

Joint Annual Meeting of SPS and ÖPG, Geneva, Switzerland, 21-25 August 2017 [Link]

Experimental results from b-hadron 
decays to three-body final states



Heavy flavour spectroscopy at LHCb (including exotic states)

Discovery Physics at the LHC, Kruger, South Africa, 4-9 December [Link]

Charm, bottom and top production 
in the forward region

QCD@LHC, Zürich, Switzerland, 22-26 August 2016 [Link]

Rare decays at LHCb

XIIth International Conference on Beauty, Charm, and Hyperons in Hadronic Interactions (BEACH), Fairfax, US, 12-18 June 2016 [Link]

Experimental review of three-body hadronic B-meson decays

Additional measurements [ideas] of LF(U,V) tests at LHCb using Run-I and II data

Rare B decays: Theory and Experiment workshop, Barcelona, Spain, 18-20 April 2016 [Link]



Experimental overview of recent 
CPV results in hadronic charmless decays

Implications of LHCb measurements and future prospects, Geneva, Switzerland, 3-5 November 2015 [Link]

B → KSKπ Dalitz plot analysis

LHCb workshop on multi-body decays of D and B mesons, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 27-30 July 2015 [Link]



Probing CP violation in Bs → KSππ decays

Charmless B decays

Searches for Λb and Ξb decays to KSpπ and KSpK final states with first observation of the Λb → KSpπ decay

LHCC Meeting, Geneva Switzerland, 5 March 2014, Poster [Link] 

Charmless three body decays at LHCb

Charmless decays of bottom baryons

Workshop on Beauty baryons at LHCb, Geneva, Switzerland, 24 January 2014 [Link]



Performance and Radiation Damage Effects in the LHCb Vertex Locator

Hadronic B Decays at LHCb